Biography of Grigory Novikov

Grigory Novikov was born 1979 in Kirov (Russia). He started to learn to play the guitar at the age of 16 with the professor Vera Tataurova in guitar music school in Kirov (Russia). Between 1997—2006 he studied at the Music College in Kirov and N.Novgorod, He continued his studies in N.Novgorod’s Concervatory with the well know musician and accomplished guitar players professor by Vladimir Mityakov. Since 2011, he has been director Matyaev's International Guitar Festival in Kirov (Russia), Argamakov's National guitar festival in Kislovodsk (Russia), New Generation International guitar competition in Perm (Russia), GPS International guitar festival and competition in Perm (Russia) and International guitar festival and competition in N.Novgorod (Russia).

In 2013, the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation confers to Grigory Novikov brand personality as a world-leading classical guitarist. Since 2010, Grigory also has an official contract with company LLuthier (Malaysia) and Knobloch (Spain). 

In recent years, he has played in many important musical events. These include International Guitar Festivals and Music Halls in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Israel, Holland, Swissland, Mexico, Indonesia, Austria, Italy, Spain, Greece, Russia, Germany, France, South Korea, Thailand, Croatia, Ukraine and Belorussia.

Several composers have dedicated works to him: S.Luckman (Indonesia), A.Belousov (Israel),
T.Shvanserberg (Germany), R.Bauer (Germany), S.Arbiol (France) and Nutavut Ratanakarn (Thailand).

Grigory Novikov has been awarded some prizes in the following guitar competitions

1st prize of Volos International Guitar Festival ( Greece, 2009 )

1st prize of Todi International Guitar Competition ( Italy, 2008 )

1st prize of Thailand International Guitar Festival (Thailand, 2008)

1st prize of National Russian FSI Competition ( Russia, 2004 )

1st prize of National Russian FSI Competition ( Russia, 1999 )

2nd prize of Ile de Re International Guitar Festival ( France, 2007 )

2nd prize of IV International Guitar Festival ( Russia, 2006 )

3rd prize of National Russian FSI Competition ( Russia, 2003 )

Prize for the best interpretation music by J.S. Bach ( 2005 )